Varifocals are the most cosmetically attractive means of correcting your prescription and Presbyopia vision needs. One lens provides three different levels of focus across its surface, allowing you to see clearly in the near, mid and far distance.

At Goatman & Batham we use the Varilux S Series varifocal lenses, the most advanced Varilux lenses to date. You can experience maximised fields of vision, a more balanced feel and complete visual freedom.

Created using the latest optical technologies and with a deeper understanding of wearer physiology, two revolutions create exceptional vision quality:

1. The physiological differences between each eye are taken into account to produce lenses that guarantee you maximised fields of vision.
2. The structure of the lens is completely re-engineered to ensure you feel more visual stability when moving.

All Varilux S Series lenses are covered by the Varilux Guarantee.
For more information visit the Varilux S series section on the Varilux website.