Our opticians understand that your vision requirements often stretch further than an eye examination or choosing your next pair of spectacles. You can depend on us to assist with these further needs as we offer a range of spectacles, contact lenses and eye health services.

If your spectacles have become broken, loose or have lost their screws, we can fix them for you at our practice or arrange for them to be sent away for more complicated repairs. You also never need to say goodbye to your favourite frames – simply have your lenses updated to your prescription with our spectacles re-glazing service.

New or existing contact lens wearers can benefit from our regular check-ups and our fitting, discomfort and problem-solving assistance. Come to us for help with your first-time fears or persistent problems.

Plus, as we are a practice with an aim to improve vision comfort and quality for all, we provide Overlay Testing to help those who suffer with reading difficulties and a Dry Eye Clinic to advise on the best course of treatment for Dry Eye sufferers.