Over 60% of 40 – 60 year olds in Europe use computers either at work or in the home environment. Indeed, for most people, computers have become an essential tool, causing considerable amounts of time to be spent looking at a screen.

As a result, over 75% of computer users report these symptoms:

1. Blurred vision
2. Headaches
3. Dry eyes
4. Light sensitivity

At around 40 years of age, these symptoms are further aggravated by the eye’s natural decrease in accommodative capacity, or, its ability to focus. The condition is known as Presbyopia.

Occupational Lenses are designed to correct a patient’s lack of focus when viewing objects in the near distance. At Goatman & Batham we offer the Varilux Computer lens, an occupational lens designed specifically for Presbyopes who use a computer.

Patient benefits:

• Relieves the eye strain associated with computer uses and reduces accommodative fatigue.
• Allows for an extremely comfortable posture when using a computer.
• Allows for fewer head movements.

The Varilux Computer range:

TypeDescriptionRecommended for
Varilux Computer 2VThe 2V lens has an extremely wide area of clarity for mid and near vision, providing coverage of both the computer keyboard and screen. This lens allows for intense, prolonged viewing of the screen.Those who work on a computer and who would not normally wear intermediate correction.
Varilux Computer 3VThe 3V lens has a small, semi-distance visual area and a wide area for intermediate and near vision. This allows for interactions between the screen and the working environment.Those who work on a computer in an open plan office, reception or counter area, making repeated shifts from mid and distant objects.