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Your vision quality and eye health are our priorities. We offer private and NHS eye examinations for adults and children including fitness to drive and overlay tests. Plus, you can depend on us to assist with your contact lens fitting, solve your lens problems and re-glaze or repair your spectacles.


With such a wide range to choose from, we are sure that we have a pair of spectacles to suit you. Select from unbranded or designer frames in adult and child sizes and be assured that we can meet your vision needs with Single Vision, Bi-Focal, Occupational or Varifocal lenses available.


Besides correcting your vision, our contact lenses will offer you comfort and convenience. We stock a range of lenses from all the best brands, available as daily disposables, monthly overnight wear, naturally wettable lenses and more. You can also benefit from our lens advice and assistance.


OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) is a non-invasive image test that will take a cross section photo of your retina, the light sensitive tissue at the back of your eye, with the OCT, which uses light waves to capture the image.


Thank you for visiting the Goatman & Batham website. We are proud to be an independent Opticians practice, offering a professional, quality service that is specialised to your needs.

Our friendly and experienced opticians take the time to fully understand your eye health and vision requirements. Adults and children can feel at ease during our attentive eye-examinations and benefit from our first-class advice and assistance with eye care, spectacles and contact lenses.

Enjoy choosing from our impressive selection of unbranded and designer spectacles or our wide range of lenses. Then, allow us to make certain that your glasses or lenses are fitted and dispensed to the greatest accuracy. We go the extra step so you can feel 100% happy with your purchase.

Experience a truly considerate and expert service with Goatman & Batham Opticians where your eye care is our priority.

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